2011 4A's Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence
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2011 Jay Chiat Awards Winners

Communications/Media Strategy—Gold
Goodby Silverstein and Partners
Adobe | "Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Campaign"

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch CampaignToday, being creative means you have to be good at manipulating software as well as generating ideas. Light pens, mice and keyboards have replaced pencils, paper and draft boards. For Web designers, photographers, architects and digital artists, software programs now provide the virtual canvas for their ideas.

Adobe's Creative Suite sits at the heart of this new way to work—a collection of specialist programs that have become the de facto backbone of the Creative Pro industry. Each step-up in processing power has enabled Adobe to pack richer, better features into its software—which means that Adobe is able to sell newer versions, each one incrementally better than the last.

However, from the perspective of the design professional, newer versions of Creative Suite have led to "release fatigue" and resentment at having to spend more money to keep up with the steadily increasing pace of change. So how would we overcome the natural inertia among Creative Pros and
persuade them that a new version—version 5—was worth investing in?

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